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PIHMS Investment in People Pays Off

Pacific International Hotel Management School�s retention of the Investors in People award recognises the school�s high performing and supportive culture.

The school was first awarded Investors in People in March 2006 and has recently completed a 3-yearly assessment to ensure a culture of continuous improvement is being maintained.� PIHMS employs 60 staff comprising of both professional lecturing and teaching staff and ancillary staff.� A total of 19 (32%) staff members were selected for a confidential interview by an Investors in People Assessor.� The assessment has been revised recently to place more focus around strategic business planning and the performance of managers in terms of skills, knowledge and behaviours.

The Investors in People Standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organisation�s performance through its employees.� It is a national quality standard that sets a level of good practice for improving a company�s productivity by maximising the potential of its people.

The strengths of the PIHMS organisation as identified by the Investors in People Assessor includes a well articulated strategic plan through to 2013, high levels of staff autonomy and a culture of trust with examples such as management of time and acceptance of a work-life balance philosophy being cited.< /br>

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