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Innovative Thinking at PIHMS

A new subject in the final semester of the Diploma in Hotel Management at the Pacific International Hotel Management School is capturing students� imagination.

The Hospitality Innovation and Creativity paper encourages students to stretch their creative muscle and come up with some innovative ideas for blue sky hospitality products and services. The course is designed to get students thinking differently, viewing challenges from new perspectives and indeed coming up with new ideas to make companies more profitable and leading edge.

For their first assignment, students were put into groups and challenged to visually present a proposal for a blue sky Innovation that could be used in the hospitality industry. The ideas were presented in a myriad of ways including video presentations and models and a variety of lecturers and students were part of the assessment process. The ideas were as creative as the presentations, from an underwater hotel to an automated valet service and it was too difficult to pick a winner.

A number of guest lecturers have been invited to address the class on innovation and creativity in a range of areas including communications, marketing, food and beverage and kitchen management.� One recent guest lecturer was Jamie Phillips, a former PIHMS Executive Chef and now owner of an award-winning catering business.� Mr. Phillips is very interested in the cutting edge of cuisine, including molecular gastronomy.� He recently competed in the Culinary Fare molecular gastronomy category and was awarded a bronze medal.

Students were fascinated to watch Jamie Phillips in action with a demonstration of innovations such as freezing meringues in liquid nitrogen and making spaghetti out of apple sauce.� Subject lecturer, Trisha Stubbings says it was wonderful to have a living example of innovation in the kitchen.� She says the students really enjoyed the demonstration and, of cours,e having a taste of the creative produce.

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