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Principal�s Hard Work Gets Results

Pacific International Hotel Management School Principal Flora Gilkison has become the first New Zealander to graduate with a Doctorate of Management and Organization Leadership from the University of Phoenix in the United States.

Her experience as a corporate company secretary and eight years as an elected member of the Taranaki District Health Board is behind a keen interest in the governance management interface, and the doctorate Dr Gilkison undertook was focused around leadership and management styles.

A fan of transformational leadership, she chose to do her doctoral research on group efficacy levels of the New Zealand District Health Boards and how they prioritise resources to achieve the national health targets.

�The rationale for choosing group efficacy was that how groups prioritise and achieve tasks is very important in all walks of life, as groups and teams become an intrinsic part of the management and leadership process,� she said.

Dr Gilkison has taken 3 � years to complete the doctorate. The learning environment was through the internet using a learning team approach. The team of four included an American education consultant, a Chinese IT software engineer and a Canadian telco engineer.

�As Principal of the Pacific International Hotel Management School where about 50% of the students are international , on average, 17 cultures on campus, working on a doctorate with an international learning team has been very beneficial,� said Dr Gilkson.

�As online education is going to be an integral part of tertiary education in the future, I decided to put myself right into the online zone with The Universiy of Phoenix, which is internationally recognised as the market leader in online education.�

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