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NZMA Student Ambassadors Head to Switzerland

Three excited NZMA students are flying high since being selected to represent NZMA at the International Management Institute of Switzerland in Lucerne. 

YoungChan Chai (South Korea), Jiyoung An (South Korea) and Marion Josef Apin (Philippines) have all undertaken the Professional Cookery Level 5 programme at NZMA, and are keen to learn more about the Swiss culture and the opportunities available at the institute which offers the Bachelor in Culinary Arts.

NZMA has a partnership with the International Institute of Switzerland, and students can earn credits towards their Bachelor degree. 

NZMA Campus Manager, Nishat Elavia says, “We are thrilled for our students to be on this journey which started at NZMA, and developed their love for the culinary arts.  Each student has so much to contribute and we are looking forward to hearing all about their experience.

“This experience adds to their already impressive wins at the recent New Zealand National Hospitality Championships with NZChefs Salon.  Each student won gold in their respective categories, highlighting their dedication and creative flair that we encourage at NZMA.”

NZMA Head of Faculty, Culinary Arts, Brett Adlam says, “These students will represent NZMA to the highest standard while on their Student Ambassador programme in Switzerland.  They have proven themselves both academically and practically, and this is why they were a perfect choice for us to represent NZMA.”

The whole team at NZMA are rallying behind the trio, who are keen to highlight to the world what New Zealand training can present for them. 

NZMA students head to SwitzerlandStudent YoungChan Chai says, “My passions are cooking and learning.  I also have a lot of inner drive, so I was very keen to have the opportunity to go to Switzerland and learn as much as I can, and share that learning.  I’m really determined to be the best I can be.  Every chance NZMA has given me I have improved and I’m really keen to do more.  Switzerland is so exciting and what a fantastic opportunity to see what else I can achieve – I can’t wait!”

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