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Building Their Future on Solid Foundations

NZMA Construction students are showing they have the right attitude to succeed in their industry, by renovating their own workplace.

With a grand vision on completion, and a scheduled official opening in April, NZMA have acquired the 8000 square metres site, on Great South Road, Otahuhu, and is fitting it out with brand new classrooms, workshops, and labs.  Purpose built, the site will be a hub for students wanting to learn trades skills in South Auckland.

NZMA Chief Executive, Mark Worsop says, “Our students are engaged in the building project as part of their Certificate in Building Level 4, which has included demolition and framing work.  It’s giving them valuable hands-on experience, and importantly, showing them what’s needed to land a job in the busy building industry.”

He added, “We’re really proud to be developing young people in these important and booming trade arenas and this campus will be an important hub in Auckland.”

With demand growing for skilled workers across the industry, the campus will be used by hundreds of students and staff. They’ll have Electrical Engineering, Painting and Plastering, Plumbing, Gas Fitting and Drain Laying, and Youth Guarantee all in a single NZMA hub. It will add to NZMA’s enviable reputation for delivering work-ready skills, from top level qualified tutors who know the industry inside-out.

The entire community will benefit, with strong numbers of Maori and Pasifika students, as well as those who have recently moved to New Zealand, getting a head-start on their careers.

There is no better way to learn about the construction industry than to do it yourself, and NZMA is giving young people building experience they’d find hard to get anywhere else. NZMA also have a team of careers specialists who assist students in finding the right job.

Student Leoni Horley says, “I can’t wait to get started, it’s so exciting to be actually working on a project.  We’ve been learning the skills and now to use them – cool!”

Her words are echoed by fellow student Shannon Farnell who says, “On this site, we had our first official OH&S briefing, we ripped up the carpets, pulled down the hoardings, and stripped down wall linings and ceiling panels.  This is great -  getting to do the real stuff.  We’re learning skills on skills and I’m understanding what’s involved on a real work site.”

NZMA aims to make the campus the hub for all trades training in Auckland.


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