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The Florence Bienniale

Five years ago Susan Knaap was living in a caravan on the Sickness Benefit. Recently she packed her bags before flying out

NZQA Picks Up ITI's Survey Suggestion

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has just started a survey of its PTE clients, following on from a suggestion by ITI.

ITI Welcomes Membership Enquiries

ITI welcomes membership enquiries from leading private tertiary education providers

New Post-Graduate Partnership for Carey and Bible College

The Bible College of New Zealand (BCNZ) and Carey Baptist College began a joint venture in post-graduate study in January 2006.

Government�s �Next Steps� Reforms Overlook High PTE Performance

Dr Michael Cullen, Minister of Tertiary Education, released his �next steps in tertiary education� reforms in early April, but provided little detail.

Private students well-placed to get holiday jobs

With workplace skills shortages hitting the market hard, students at private training establishments (PTEs) were well placed to find holiday jobs...

Tourism Minister Helps Celebrate PIHMS� 10th Anniversary

New Zealand�s Tourism Minister has acknowledged the invaluable contribution that the Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) makes to the success of the country�s tourism sector.

PIHMS Hospitality Impresses Hoteliers

The hoteliers at Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) for the Spring 2005 Recruitment Expo returned to their various properties with a great impression of the school and its students.

The Art of Creativity � Column by Jonathan Milne, The Learning Connexion

Our policy in each area of our programme at The Learning Connexion (TLC) is to build something of world class. We�re putting ourselves on the international stage and making an impact.

TLC Paints Glover Park Murals

Next time you walk past the site of Glover Park in central Wellington you�ll see that instead of the familiar small urban park, the view is now of a wall of murals done in very different styles.

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