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Media Release - Good first step by govt on education levy

The Government has taken a good first step by removing the retrospective element from its export education levy Bill. The u-turn follows concerted efforts ...

Media Release - Punitive levy on honest education providers opposed

ITI opposes completely the Government's new Bill to levy honest providers for the failures of a couple of private training establishments (PTEs).

Submission - Student Fee Protection 1

ITI sent a submission to NZQA about their draft student fee protection policy in February 2004.

Submission - Education (Export Education Levy) Amendment Bill

ITI sent a submission to the Education and Science Committee on the Education (Export Education Levy) Amendment Bill in February 2004.

Media Release - New tax on PTEs is second-best option

The Government's decision to charge private training establishment (PTEs) if another PTE fails is a second-best option.

Media Release - Government should reward effective PTEs

The Government�s attempt to free up private tertiary education funding is a welcome shift in policy direction but it only loosens the straitjacket that PTEs operate in.

Submission - China A-List

ITI sent a submission to NZQA over the proposed China A-List in November 2003. The Chinese Government had proposed ...

Submission - Export Education Levy

ITI sent in a submission to the Ministry of Education in September 2003 on the level and usage of the export education levy

NZCC MOU with Institute of Supply & Materials Management

NZCC and the Institute of Supply & Materials Management (ISMM) recently signed a memorandum of understanding to formally recognise the quality of graduates from ISMM supply chain courses. NZCC will now recognize ISMM Diploma & Certificate Courses in Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, along with work experience in a related field for entry into the NZCC diploma course. Those who have successfully completed the ISMM Graduate Diploma would obtain exemption from Level 5 & 6 (two years) and be eligible to directly enter the NZCC Diploma in Procurement & Supply (Level 7).
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